The programme

"SUFONAMA students will become accomplished individuals, providing the right solutions to the most pressing challenges in nature management"
Akompab Benjamin, Cameroon, SUFONAMA student

"SUFONAMA has helped me build a strong international network of talented academics"
Rune Karsten, Denmark, SUFONAMA student 

"SUFONAMA equips students with critical problem solving skills through hands-on learning."
Cathy Brown, USA, SUFONAMA graduate

"SUFONAMA guides me to see another way to manage environment."
Hsinping Pai, Taiwan, SUFONAMA graduate

"SUFONAMA was an opportunity to make my studies differently, and to get out to the real world." Signe M. Ingversen, Denmark, SUFONAMA graduate.

"SUFONAMA graduates will become the leading scholars and managers."
Niels Strange, Professor and Director