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Participation and living costs

Participation cost

The participation cost per semester is € 4500 for Partner Country students students and € 750 for Programme Country students. The participation cost is the same irrespective of mobility track/university. However, there may be variation in opportunities for financial support locally – e.g. national or regional scholarship schemes and/or opportunities to apply for financial support from external stakeholders and the local business community.

The participation cost covers: the matriculation at two host universities, tuition where applicable, the Sustainable Forest and Nature Summer School (including accommodation, air tickets and meals), introductory weeks, local language courses, insurance, other organizational and administrative costs of the Masters course.

Not included are: Travel costs to first and second year institutions, travel and other costs for thesis fieldwork. 
Your local SUFONAMA contact person will inform you of any such expenses as well as opportunities to locally apply for supportive funding.

Students will receive invoices to be paid in the following moths:

  • 1st semester: 12 April
  • 2nd semester: 15 January
  • 3rd semester: 15 August
  • 4th semester: 15 January   

Students with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship will fund participation cost via their scholarship from which participation cost is deducted in the beginning of each semester.  

Living costs

Living expences will of course vary according to personal requirements and the place you live. However, the estimated costs of living in Europe amount to € 1200 - 1300 per month.

Alternative sources of funding

Here you can download links to alternative sources of funding.

Please note: US Loans cannot be used to cover the participation costs.