University of Göttingen

The Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (founded in 1737) is one of the oldest and most renowned German universities with strong focuses in research-led teaching. The University of Göttingen regards its great research tradition and subject diversity as constituting particular strengths. The university bears the name of its founder King George II of Great Britain who, as Georg August, was also Elector of Hanover. The name of Göttingen is associated with more than 40 Nobel Prize winners who have lived and worked here. Since January 1st, 2003 the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen has been maintained as a public trust (Foundation under Public Law, Stiftung des Öffentlichen Rechts) the only fullfledged university in Germany to which this applies.

The university is distinguished by the rich diversity of its subject spectrum particularly in the humanities, its excellent facilities for the pursuit of scientific research, and the outstanding quality of the areas that define its profile. In 2007 the Georg-August-Universität achieved success in the Initiative of Excellence of the German Federal and State Governments with its institutional strategy for the future entitled Göttingen. Tradition Innovation Autonomy. This distinguishes Göttingen as one of the nine German universities officially rated as holding the potential for global visibility and a place amongst the foremost institutions of higher education.

 Professor and studentsThe city of Göttingen has many advantages as a location for university studies which the Georg-August-Universität is enhancing by developing several innovative degree programmes. Approximately 24,000 young people currently study here, some twelve per cent of whom are from abroad a clear demonstration of the pull that the university has long exerted internationally. The range of degree courses (more than 130 courses) on offer stands out both for the outstandingly good study facilities (total 13 faculties) in the natural and life sciences and for the breadth of subject diversity in the humanities and social sciences, a choice found at only a small number of universities in Germany. In addition to the wide spectrum of choice in terms of degree programs, top-level research is also carried out at the University of Göttingen.

University of Göttingen coordinates the international German alumni networks in Asia, South America, the Egypt-Arab region and Iran.