Second year at University of Copenhagen: Module 4

The thesis should preferably cover topics within management planning for forests and nature. The topic should investigate at least one of the following typological dimensions of sustainable management: (i) ecological interactions between physical and biological environments of forests and nature areas, (ii) economics and political implications of multi-functionality in forest and nature management, or (iii) sustainable forest and nature management. The thesis should include both quantitative and qualitative methods and preferably be based on a case-study.

The normal thesis work flow is: (i) completion of the obligatory Research Planning course by approx. 1 November, including identification of thesis supervisor and preparation of a detailed thesis synopsis, (ii) finalisation of practical aspects by late February, including formal invitation by host institution, fund raising and signing student-supervisor thesis contract, (iii) conducting fieldwork from March through May, (iv) data analysis and thesis writing at the University of Copenhagen in June and July, and (v) submission of thesis and obligatory public defence in August. Subject and research plan must be decided in collaboration with the supervisor. The thesis must be written in English and defended at a public seminar. External examiner.