Second year at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Module 6


Course objectives: The student shall after completion of the thesis be able to: (i) Use previously acquired knowledge in order to independently and individually solve an assignment at advanced level. (ii) Identify a scientific problem, choose a suitable problem solving method, and collect relevant data. (iii). Search and collect literature or other information needed to put the work in a scientific context. (iv) Analyse and discuss collected data on a scientific basis. (v) Write a report where the study is presented in a correct, interesting and linguistically good way. (vi) Orally present the study at a seminar.

Course contents: To fulfil the learning outcomes, the student shall, based on previously acquired knowledge and in collaboration with the supervisor, identify a for the subject suitable problem. The student works independently, with support from the supervisor. The student has access to library, computers and other special equipment that might be needed to solve the problem. The student shall report the work in paper that is graded based on introduction to the problem, problem formulation, description of material and methods, data processing, conclusions, use of literature, linguistic usage, and extent of irrelevant text.


Scheduled activities


Presentation of literature search

approx. 3

Report seminar

approx. 2

Individual studies, not scheduled

Literature search

appropx. 80

Planning and data acquisition

approx. 240

Compilation and analyses of data and report writing

approx. 440

Preparing report seminar and publishing of report

approx. 35


approx. 800

Requirements for examination: (i) Literature search within the scientific area in question.(ii) Oral presentation of the results at a seminar, with an audience familiar with the scientific area. (iii) Scientific report which should be electronically published in EPSILON