SUFONAMA academic staff at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Jörg Brunet

My name is Jörg Brunet and I am an associated professor in Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp

I am responsible for the Master course Broadleaves ecology, nature conservation and silviculture which is part of the Euroforester Master Programme at SLU. I also teach vegetation ecology within the forester programme at SLU.

My research interests focus on the ecology of temperate broadleaved forests, in particular the effects of land use history, forest management, soil chemistry and climate on distribution patterns of herbaceous forest plants.

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Per-Magnus Ekö

My name is Per Magnus Ekö (usually just called PM). My background is the fields of forest growth and yield, forest management and silviculture.

In later years I have been much involved in teaching activities and I am director of studies at our department as well as for our MSc programme Euroforester

I also do a lot of teaching myself in most of the courses that we offer, and mainly in the fields mentioned above.

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Vilis Brukas

My name is Vilis Brukas. Having MSc degree from Lithuania and PhD degree from Denmark, I am researcher at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

I am teaching and researching in various topics within forest policy, with focus on countries in the Baltic Sea region. Topics include forest governance, economic performance, forest utilisation, management planning private owners decision-making, etc.

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